“Game On!” The Shelton Challenge Missing Link ~ Accountability & Competition!

So I got a phone call from my oldest daughter, Jacque, who lives in Orlando. At the moment I was in Safeway going through my Safeway Mobile App for screaming deals…when the phone rang.  The joy of hearing my daughter, who in her first 28 years of life was never more than 80 miles from me, tops my day, any day!

Jacque has no idea about “The Shelton Challenge” that God placed on my heart back in January 2012, that gets my community up and moving AND (KEY***) eating for health.  My obstacle was the accountability portion.  How do you make getting fit & eating healthy exciting for each person while incorporating some accountability to the equation?  That was my road block…obstacle that has loomed over my kicking this challenge into full gear.

Here in the aisles of Safeway, she shared with me a book that incorporates getting fit & healthy into a fun game with a specific format that breaks down ALL the obstacles! WoooHoooo!

The book is titled, “The Game On! Diet,” by Grey’s Anatomy writer, Krista Vernoff and her personal friend and fitness trainer, AZ Ferguson.  I do want to warn you, as Jacque did we me. The language Krista uses at times, is definitely not what would ever come out of my mouth.  However, the content, humor and game plan is absolutely brilliant!

Click on the book image below to get to browse inside…get a glimpse of this powerful tool..then get back to me to get going on building your team and opponents.  Yep, Game On!!!

Browse Inside The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend’s Butt While Shrinking Your Own by Krista Vernoff & Az Ferguson

Watch this video in which Krista and AZ share some of Game On! details as well as hear from some Game On! success stories.

I see this as a perfect balance between…for me “The Body By Vi Challenge” kicked into high gear.  For you, it may be the BBVi Challenge or you might be incorporating another weight loss/fitness platform.  Bottom line: Find what program works for you and kick it with Game On!


Goldsborough Creek Run Walk Jog Saturday June 2, 2012 Benefiting Mason General Hospital Foundation

Goldsborough Creek Run Walk Jog Saturday June 2, 2012


The Shelton Challenge encourages everyone, young to old, to participate in this year’s Goldsborough Creek’s Run ♦ Walk ♦ Jog this coming Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Geared to meet everyone’s fitness level. A great way for the entire family to participate.

Goldsborough Creek Run course begins on the Shelton Valley Loop Road. The 7-mile stretch takes the loop around the valley, with the 2-mile start line leaving the valley and progressing down Railroad Avenue.  All participants will have completed their race on Railroad Avenue prior to the start of the Mason County Forest Festival Paul Bunyan Parade.

A fabulous way to get out and MOVE while supporting the Mason General Hospital Foundation.

Can’t Wait to See Y’All @ the Finish Line!

Goldsborough Creek Run Walk Jog Saturday June 2, 2012 Benefiting Mason General Hospital Foundation

Wow! What a beautiful morning for this 7 mile walk. Started @ 7 am in the Shelton Valley with just a light drizzle or rain…lasted just a few minutes. So many of our prayers were answered!! The countryside was amazing as it seemed to stretch out forever with curious cows wondering what is this herd of people doing?!?!?
The fellow walkers were a joy to participate with….actually the most fun was getting to know one another as we waited for everyone to finish for the coveted “Raffle!”  The crowd was packed with women who work @ Mason General Hospital. Loved seeing these ladies helping to support their employer and put fitness and health as a priority.
I am in awe to think about my past year’s journey with the Body by Vi Challenge that literally took me from being overweight, tired…very little energy, as well as pain & fatigue from the past 16 years due to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy…a disease I sustained from a volleyball injury.  Took me from being an active parent, soccer player, school nurse, volleyball & soccer coach to minimal activity…only able to continue volleyball coaching, Praise the Lord!  Yes, Victim to Victorious!!!
To learn more about the Body by Vi Journey, visit http://CoachCathyChallenge.com  It could be the answer to your prayers, like me; or someone you might know.  Feel free to share this information and website with others you know and love.
Goldsborough Creek 7 Mile Walk June 2, 2012  Victim to Victorious!

Goldsborough Creek 7 Mile Walk June 2, 2012 Victim to Victorious!